Trade-up & Trade-in Promotions

Trade-in or Trade-up work by incentivising consumers to purchase a new qualifying product, and then receive a cash reward when they return their old product.

Why implement a Trade-in & Trade-up promotion?

Trade-ins are a good option to drive sales and repurpose and recycle old items that would typically be left in households, or end up in landfill. Customers also get the feel-good factor of receiving an inflated value for their old products.

Trade-in Targets

Trade-ins can be targeted at end customers, small businesses, and schools. They work well for seasonal events, and promotional events.

Drive Up Sales

The purpose of a trade-in/trade-up is to drive new sales, and encourage existing customers to refresh their current products. It allows participants to purchase new or higher specification products than they would do with no trade-in offer.

Reduced Upgrade Time

Using trusted ITAD partners, items received are reconditioned or broken down into their component parts for remanufacturing, in compliance with WEE regulations.

So how do trade-in trade-up promotions work?

Customer purchases a qualifying product

Submits a claim on the promotional microsite

Claim is verified & shipping details provided

The trade-in is received and the customer receives their cashback