Cashback Promotions

Cashbacks typically run for short periods as limited-time offers. This creates high-impact sales incentives to drive instant purchases by generating urgency.

Cashbacks are a good way to reward customers for purchasing a product without devaluing the perceived value, they are simple to implement, and rewards can be significantly higher compared to direct discounts.

Why implement a cash back promotion?

Cashback promotions carry a strong message and are easily managed through the chosen marketing channel (web, print advertising, Instagram, Facebook Twitter, etc.). Cashback promotions create demand and noise, they resonate easily with the consumer and can be implemented quickly, which is great if you have targets to meet, or your competitor has launched an offer and you want to compete or stand out in the market.

Targeted Promotional Tool

Cashback promotions are a strong targeted proposition. They are an effective and streamlined promotional tool, and an efficient way to engage customers.

Product Value

Cashback promotions are advantageous over discounting directly at the point of sale. Direct discounts can have a negative impact on the perceived value when the price of a product is lowered, only to be later increased again later.

Cashback value

Cashback values need to hit the right spot with your customers. Too low an offer and few will be incentivised to buy, too high and it could wipe out any sales benefit to your brand.

So how do cashback promotions work?

Customer purchases a qualifying product

Submits a claim on the promotional microsite

Claim is verified

Customer receives their cashback