Calculated Sales promotion

with guaranteed results

Metrisk is a creative sales promotion consultancy and service provider with 20 years’ experience in anticipating consumer behaviour and delivering calculated sales promotions with guaranteed results.

Partnering with our clients, we create high impact promotional campaigns to help grow your business with no risk of financial over-redemption.

Our services

Promotional consultancy

working together

How do we have such an enviable reputation for delivering sales promotions that exceed our client’s objectives, while bringing the largest return on investment, within budget?

We develop an unrivalled understanding of your business, its needs, and those of your consumers.

Using this information, and more than 20 years’ expertise, Metrisk develops a precise promotional mechanic that is measured to deliver.

Digital development

From the ground up

Our bespoke technology platform, with unprecedented levels of security and accessibility, consolidates promotional activity into one central hub; to roll out, control, deliver and measure detailed and complex promotional programs on a global basis.

Clients have instant access to vital data that gives them powerful insights and understanding of their customers’ buying behaviour.

Handling & fulfilment

Delivering promises

Once that the sales promotion headline has caught a consumer’s attention, and an application to participate is submitted, a “promise” must be fulfilled.

From digital and manual validation, through to picking, packing and fulfilling rewards (as well as handling any returns), Metrisk ensures that every element of the process is delivered to our exceptionally high service level agreements.

Customer support

Skilled listeners

Although we make the application procedure as clear as possible, react to feedback during a promotion’s term, and improve processes continually, as well as working to very high service level agreements, sometimes a query arises.

Metrisk’s multi-language 24/7 customer support team provides exceptional customer service to the participants of promotions it manages, ensuring complete satisfaction while building customer loyalty. Queries can also be managed using live operators or our sophisticated IVR systems.

Analytics & reporting

Measurable results

All sales campaigns managed are tracked and audited using the bespoke technology platform. Clients have instant access to data that gives them unprecedented insights and understanding of their customers’ buying behaviour.

Continually running innovative promotions for a variety of brands across many different product sectors, territories, and consumer demographics, provides Metrisk with a constant flow of data, and depth of insight, that we share with our clients.

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