Promotional Mechanics

Brands risk devaluing their products by discounting too frequently. Sales promotions are a highly effective way to promote value, inspire consumer confidence, raise awareness and build loyalty.

But with so many different promotional mechanics, how do you choose which is best for you?


Lowering prices devalues a product, and it is difficult to increase the price later, but mail-in rebate promotions highlight the discount and not the reduced price, making them a high impact instant sales incentive.

Trade-in and trade-up

Offering consumers a guaranteed sum of money for their existing product when they purchase a new product reduces their cost, therefore incentivising purchase. This mechanic is effectively a conditional cashback, and can be used with most reusable products to encourage higher value spend, or conquest sales.

Guaranteed future value

Take away the uncertainty of a higher value purchase, or unfamiliar product, by incentivising consumers with a guaranteed rebate on the purchase price when they upgrade the product in the future, driving sales, increasing replacement cycle and building customer loyalty.

Conditional rebates

As a specialist in predicting the outcome of events, and therefore managing the financial risk, Metrisk can develop an offer that captures the public’s attention by maximising the association a brand might have with a high-profile event. For example, consumers could purchase a product and get cash rewards for how many goals their national team scored in an international football tournament.

Reliability or performance guarantee

Overcoming the uncertainty a consumer might have with a high value product, possibly sold by an unfamiliar brand, Metrisk can guarantee it’s reliability or performance, refunding the total cost if it does not meet the promotional headline claims, whilst the consumer still keeps the product!

Coupon promotions

Coupons give consumers an instant discount off the product cost, driving sales as well as trial, and cross product purchases.

Traditional printed coupons, mobile coupons, globally accepted or store specific, we can manage the development, delivery and reimbursement.

Uniquely Metrisk has developed a bespoke application for convenience stores, an Instant Payment on Redemption System, making coupon acceptance attractive to smaller retailers.

Mail-in and Collector schemes

Incentivise purchase with high perceived value rewards, and motivate repeat purchase whilst building brand loyalty with longer term collector schemes, these promotions provide consumers with significant added value.

Instant win and scratchcards

By calculating the likelihood of consumers winning prizes, instant-win and scratchcards are an excellent way to create a sales incentivising exciting promotion headline, whilst effectively offering a quantity, and quality of rewards that would otherwise be unachievable within a given budget.

Try me free

Overcoming any cost or quality issues a consumer might have, they are invited to purchase a qualifying product, try it risk free and claim a refund of the original purchase price.


Encouraging and promoting responsible use of products, as well as their packaging when they come to end of life, with our recycling partnerships, Metrisk can develop concepts offering discounted replacement products (product or coupon) in exchange for the original.


An instant replacement process for products that have a defined cycle of usage, where we can intuitively learn the usage cycle, or we can use one click mobile apps.

Offered to consumers by brands directly on a discounted subscription service. Either a physical product shipped on the change cycle, or a coupon that can be redeemed in stockists.


Incentivise consumers to trial products, through direct mail, promotional websites or cross product promotions.

Free product coupons delivered physically and digitally, or actual product shipped to consumers, Metrisk can facilitate the full process through our redemption management system.

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